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Kosovo signed the ministerial statement of 7th world water forum 2015

Kosovo signed the ministerial statement of 7th world water forum 2015
Prishtinë, 14 April -

Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning, Ferid Agani, together with the Chief of the Environmental Protection Agency, Ilir Morina, are participating in the 7th World Water Forum, which is being held in Gyeongju city, the Republic of South Korea.

On this occasion the Minister Agani, in the presence of 169 delegations from around the world, had a speech, through which he has described the current water situation in Kosovo.

"Providing drinking water to all citizens, protection of water resources as a national asset, strengthening the system of financing water resources management through good and creative management, raising awareness for water conservation, and implementation of public-private partnerships, within the conceptual framework of integrated management of water resources, are and remain top priorities of the government of Kosovo, "said Minister Agani.

On these principles, Republic of Kosovo strongly supports the ministerial statement of 7th World Water Forum, adopted on 13 April 2015 in Gyeongju, Republic of South Korea, attended by 169 delegations, 19 ministers and 8 world presidents.

Previously a round table was held, discussing the problems of water management, finding the financial methods, the possibility of promoting public-private partnership, in order to concretize the public finances for better supply of population with drinking water.



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