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Prishtina, 24.02.2021 - Today, the Minister of Economy and Environment (MEE), Muharrem Nitaj, and the Rector of the University of Prishtina (UP), Naser Sahiti, awarded the certificates for energy auditors.

Minister Nitaj announced that 53 candidates have been trained, however, since not all of the candidates were able to be present due to the pandemic situation, only three of them were invited so that the certificates be awarded in a symbolic manner.

“The Ministry of Economy and Environment has engaged the University of Prishtina to train auditors for the process of performance of building appraisers and certifiers, which is an extremely important project that has been assisted by the German GIZ. In the first phase, thanks to the excellent work done by the University of Prishtina, they have managed to train 53 auditors", said Minister Nitaj.

Rector Sahiti stated that this cooperation proves that they are ready to expand activities in other areas as well.

"As a result of this cooperation, we conducted the training through which we certified energy auditors. It is a very important moment to show that we are ready to expand activities in other areas as well ", said Sahiti.

Meanwhile, the certified candidate, Fahrush Azemi, said that the energy segment is very important when it comes to sustainable development. He also stressed that measures should be taken in many buildings in Kosovo.

The project of certification of energy auditors has been organized by the Kosovo Agency for Energy Efficiency and funded by the German Government through GIZ, while the training was conducted by UP where 53 candidates were trained, of which 17 were architects, 16 construction engineers, 12 electrical engineers and 8 mechanical engineers.

The three candidates who received certificates today are Fahrush Azemi, Krenare Shkodra and Njomza Blaku.