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Prishtina, 19.02.2021 - The Minister of Economy and Environment (MEE), Muharrem Nitaj, today hosted the Mayor of Junik, Agron Kuqi, in a meeting, whereby, they discussed with regard to the work being carried out in this municipality, and signed two cooperation agreements.

Minister Nitaj congratulated Mayor Kuqi for the work he is doing to improve the lives of the citizens of the Municipality of Junik and offered his support and that of the Ministry he leads in the implementation of projects that are in the function of the welfare of the citizens of this municipality.

Today, we signed a cooperation agreement for the co-financing of the project for the work on the Erenik river bed as well as an agreement for co-financing in the work on the water supply system in the Agim Ramadani neighborhood in Junik. 

Mayor Kuqi extended his gratitude to the Minister of Economy and Environment, Nitaj, for the support provided by him with regard to the development and advancement of projects that have a positive impact on the lives of the citizens of this municipality.

These two projects will be implemented in co-financing by the Ministry of Economy and Environment and the Municipality of Junik, where MEE will provide financing in the amount of 180.000.00 Euros.