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Prishtina, 03.02.2021 - The Minister of Economy and Environment (MEA), Muharrem Nitaj, visited today the Municipality of Gjakova, where he was hosted by the Mayor of this municipality, Ardian Gjini. During the visit to the Municipality of Gjakova, Minister Nitaj was closely acquainted with the joint projects that MEA and the Municipality of Gjakova have, whereby three agreements in the field of environmental protection were signed.

Minister Nitaj said that the attention of the ministry he leads is oriented to support the Municipality of Gjakova, in the implementation of projects aimed at the well-being of citizens and this is best evidenced by signing these agreements.

"All agreements signed today between MEA and the Municipality of Gjakova are related to the field of environmental protection and the environment. The first agreement is about the construction of a wastewater treatment plant in Gjakova, an extraordinary important project for the municipality and the citizens of Gjakova.

In the framework of these agreements, it is also foreseen the construction of the dam at Ura e Fshenjtë, and the rehabilitation of the bed of the Krena River in Gjakova”, said Nitaj.

Moreover, the head of MEA said that the Government of Kosovo, respectively the ministry he leads has been supporting the municipalities of Kosovo for quite some time. In particular, it has supported the Municipality of Gjakova in different projects, with special emphasis on environmental ones.

On his side, the Mayor of Gjakova, Ardian Gjini thanked Minister Nitaj for the support that MEA has provided in the past and is still providing regarding the advancement and implementation of capital projects in the Municipality of Gjakova.

"The agreement related to the continuation of works on the Krena River, the current segments of the promenade have been completed with our own expenses, while for the next three years we will have the support of the Ministry of Economy and Environment. As far as the second project is concerned, which is related to the tent, elevator and the camping at Ura e Fshenjtë, it will also be co-financed between the Municipality of Gjakova and MEA ", said Gjini.

Mayor Gjini said that the project of continuation and completion of Collectors and wastewater treatment plant which has commenced in 2018 with the support of the Ministry of Economy and Environment is expected to end soon.​