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No. 10/21

Prishtina, 29.01.2021

The Minister of Economy and Environment, Muharrem Nitaj met with the Director of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) for Kosovo, Neil Taylor.

The topic of discussion was the cooperation between the Government of Kosovo, respectively the Ministry of Economy and Environment (MEA) and the EBRD in the economy sector, with special emphasis on energy and public enterprises. In the field of energy, the process of reviewing the Energy Strategy was discussed, as well as the loan agreement from the EBRD for vital infrastructure dedicated to public enterprises.    

Minister Nitaj confirmed the readiness for coordination of projects and long-term interests of the Ministry of Economy and Environment in sustainable economic development as one of the main factors in the well-being of the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo.

"We are grateful for the support you have given so far in advancing projects in the field of energy, as well as that of public enterprises, as important sectors in sustainable economic development. Therefore, I hope that this well-known cooperation will continue in the future", said Minister Nitaj.


Meanwhile, the Director of the EBRD for Kosovo, Neil Taylor emphasized that he is ready to advance the projects that are in progress and to help new projects related to the field of energy and other sectors covered by the Ministry of Economy and Environment, and considered that mutual cooperation is a guarantee for the implementation of joint projects.

Moreover, the EBRD Loan Agreement in the amount of 30 million euros is divided into two tranches. The first tranche amounts to 10 million, which includes the reimbursement of expenditures that have already been completed under Measure 4 of the emergency package, while the value of 20 million euros is included in tranche 2, which should go as a loan from the Government of Kosovo to public enterprises.