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Prishtina, 1 September 2010 – A delegation from Kosovo, chaired by the Minister of Energy and Mining, Justina Shiroka- Pula, consisting of the Deputy Minister of MESP, Idriz Vehapi, Managing Director of the Trepca Complex, and the Director of the Environmental Agency, Ilir Morina, is taking part in the Second International Congress on Mines and Environmental Mitigation, sponsored by the German Government, being held in the Congress Centre in Dresden, Germany.

The International Congress was attended by representatives of the German Government, representatives of governments, public institutions and agencies involved in the environmental sector, through mitigating results of mining activities, specifically reclamation of open-cut mining areas by various countries from all continents.

Today, the Kosovo delegation met with senior representatives of the Ministry of Environment, Nature Protection and Nuclear Security. The topic of the meeting was to prepare for an important cooperation item between Germany and Kosovo, in terms of adopting the German model of mitigating environmental legacy in the sectors of energy and mining.

The German party underlined its commitment to support Kosovo, initially through the public agency LMBV, which is the most important specialized German institution for mitigating environmental legacy.

MEM and MESP will cooperate with the LMBV in designing necessary processes and institutions to provide, in the future, for a full mitigation of environmental legacy in the mining sector, a rather costly process, which might be assisted by institutions and countries, such as the European Commission and Germany.

Otherwise, Germany, which used to be one of the largest lignite producing countries, during the last twenty years, has decommissioned a large number of old lignite fuelled power plants. It has closed respective mines, and has reclaimed fully 30 open-cut lignite mines, which in the past used to produce around 300 million tons of lignite annually, a process which cost several billion Euros.