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Prishtina, 19 November 2010 – The Ministry of Energy and Mining (MEM), in cooperation with the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, held today a promotional conference titled “Private investment options in developing small HPP’s in the Republic of Kosovo”, to discuss about private investment in hydro-potentials of Kosovo, with a view of generating clean electricity and economic development.

Apart from MEM, KCC and potential investors, the conference was attended by representatives of the World Bank, USAID, GTZ, the British Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo, the European Commission Office, the Energy Regulatory Office, etc.
The Minister of Energy and Mining, Justina Shiroka – Pula stated that Kosovo, a member of the Energy Community, is committed to developing all useful and economically feasible renewable resources.

“To this view, the MEM has prepared policies and the energy strategy, which include an important objective, development of hydro-potentials. Our renewable sources’ policies, including small hydro-power plants, are based upon best European practices. They provide for necessary initiative in enabling private investment for development of these resources”, stated Minister Pula.

According to Pula, Government policy on renewable resources renders itself concrete in the following points:

•    MEM has set indicative goals for these resources, defining on limits of electricity generation based on hydropower.
•    The KEK JSC obligation to purchase electricity generated from small HPP’s, with incentivised prices set by the ERO, within the frame of long term renewable power purchase agreements.

On the other hand, Safet Gerxhaliu, President of the KCC stated that with the use of renewable energy, three effects are made: first, economic development, second, increased security of supply, and environmental protection, all three EU criteria.

“We appreciate the willingness shown for investment in renewable resources, and we will commit ourselves to improve the image of Kosovo, for the investors to feel safe in investing their assets in Kosovo”, stated Gerxhaliu.

According to Gërxhaliu, the presentation of pre-feasibility studies encourages domestic and foreign investors, and with this investment in renewable resources, respectively small HPP’s, Kosovo would save 34 Million Euro.

Further, Deputy Minister of Energy and Mining, Blerim Rexha, in his presentation before the Conference, presented water potentials of Kosovo, thereby stating that 77 small HPP’s have been identified, at a total capacity of 128MW and 621 GWh/year.

Rexha stated that there is a pre-feasibility study, and MEF has opened a call for expression of interest for 8 rivers, with the option of developing 11 small HPP’s, at a total capacity of 58 GWH, installed capacity of 25 MW, to which 15 companies have applied.
On another view, Ali Hamiti, Director of the Regulatory Office, informed the investors on possibilities and procedures to pursue in investing in hydropower plants.