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Prishtina, 23 November 2010 -  Ministry of Energy and Mining (MEM) signed today a memorandum of understanding with the Central Election Commission, in which it commits to undertaking all measures necessary to ensure sufficient and uninterrupted energy supply to all polling centers and ancillary facilities during the entire electoral process.

The Memorandum was signed by the Minister of Energy and Mining, Justina Shiroka – Pula, and the Chairwoman of CEC, Valdete Daka, both of whom emphasized that there is a good cooperation between the institutions and that this cooperation will continue in the future.

Minister Pula emphasized that MEM will do everything that falls under its competencies to ensure that the citizens will be provided with a regular electoral process, in order for their votes to be justly evaluated, by ensuring secure supply of electricity to all polling stations, while urging the citizens to exercise their legitimate right to elect their representatives.

On the other hand, CEC Chairwoman, Valdete Daka, expressed her gratitude to MEM for the readiness to support a regular electoral process, which was initiated with the elections held yesterday in Rahovec and which will be concluded with the final certification of election results.