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Prishtina, 26 november 2010 – Ministry of Energy and Mining organized today a round table on “EC Progress Report – Energy Sector Challenges”, to present the achievements and challenges identified in the Progress Report and the measures to address them.

Present at the round table were, the MEM Minister Justina Shiroka – Pula, and senior representatives of MEI, MTI, MLSW, ICO and ECLO, ERO, KEK and KOSTT.

In the opening remarks, Minister Pula stated that Kosovo has achieved a significant progress in meeting a large number of requirements in its journey towards European integrations, and when comparing the progress reports for 2009 and 2010 one notes that a number of challenges mentioned in the 2009 Progress Report were now overcome.

In relation to the legal framework, Minister Pula stated that the Energy Strategy 2009-2018, and the new energy sector legislative package are in full compliance with the EU Acquis on energy, environment and competition.

“Also, we have adopted the Law on Natural Gas, Law on Nuclear Safety and we have prepared the National Plan on Energy Efficiency, while also implementing numerous projects in the field of EE and RES”, she said.

Minister Pula underlined that the bidding process for Hydro Power Plant Zhur has been initiated and that the preparations for TPP Kosova e Re are going in accordance with the foreseen rhythm, while adding that MEM has prepared a plan of measures to overcome the challenges deriving from the 2010 Progress Report.

Besim Veselaj, head of the MEM Strategy Division, underscored the challenges identified in the 2010 Progress Report, emphasizing that the financial state of KEK j.s.c., respectively billing and collection thereof, represent the main challenges.

Further, he listed other challenges such as the absence of a Strategy on Fuel Reserve Safety, obstacles placed by Serbia to the Kosovo Transmission System Operator (KOSTT); legal unbundling of the energy distribution and supply services; cost-reflective energy tariffs; imlpementation of the new legislative package on the energy sector and strengthening of the role of ERO; development of institutional capacities in MEM and ERO; adoption of the Law on Energy Efficiency; adoption of the acts necessary for energy labeling, eco-design, building energy performance, energy efficiency among end-users, etc. in compliance with the Acuis

The conclusions of the meeting were that a comparison of 2009 and 2010 Progress Reports shows a significant progress during 2010, whereas in relation to the main challenge, KEK’s financial situation, the progress accomplished to date is insufficient. The conclusions also state that ways need to be found to improve collection, including here the possibilities for the engagement of the private sector.

MEM inaugurates the installation of efficient bulbs in Prishtina

Prishtina, 26 November 2010 – The Minister of Energy and Mining (MEM), Municipality of Prishtina and GTZ inaugurated today the project “Implementation of energy efficiency measures in public institutions”, aiming to install efficient lighting bulbs in Prishtina. The inauguration of the installation of efficient lighting bulbs in the Mother Theresa Avenue in Prishtina was made by the Minister of Energy and Mining, Justina Shiroka – Pula, the Director for Public Services of Municipality of Prishtina, Agim Gashi, and the representative of GTZ, Gabriele Becker.

At the occasion, the Minister of Energy and Mining, Justina Shiroka – Pula, stated that this common project of MEM, the Municipality of Prishtina and GTZ promotes enhancement of energy efficiency and leads towards the accomplishment of obligations deriving from the European Union.

She explained that the value of this project is 148 thousand Euro, and will co-funded by the Ministry, the relevant municipalities and GTZ, whereas the energy saving measures that will derive from the application of this efficiency measure will be around 30% in comparison to normal lighting bulbs.

Further, the Director for Public Services of Municipality of Prishtina, Agim Gashi, said that this municipality is aiming to replace around 90% of the bulbs of the entire public lighting system, in an effort to saving energy.

On the other hand, GTZ representative Gabriele Becker said that these electrical bulbs provide for efficient and sage lighting and that the municipalities that invest in this project save a considerable amount of their budgets.

Otherwise, the cost of the project “Implementation of energy efficiency measures in public institutions”, respectively the installation of efficient bulbs in Prishtina is 48.440 Euro, of which MEM invested 23.400, Prishtina Municipality 15.000 and GTZ 10.000.