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Gjilan, 13 January 2011 – The Minister of Energy and Mining, Justina Shiroka – Pula, with the representative of the European Commission Liaison Office in Prishtina, Khaldoun Sinno, representative of the Health Ministry, Zenun Çelaj, Mayor of Gjilan, Qemajl Mustafa, and Gjilan Regional Hospital Director, Xhavit Hajdari, inaugurated the project on the implementation of the energy efficiency measures in this health facility.

On this occasion, Minister Pula stated that the implementation of the energy efficiency measures in the Mother and Child Department of the Gjilan Hospital is a very important project, implemented by the European Commission, in the scope of its energy efficiency measures’ projects.
The “implementation of the energy efficiency project in this hospital shall be an example for other hospitals and other public institutions, as it will help them understand the importance of the implementation of efficiency measures, namely there an energy saving of 30-50 %”, said Minister Pula.

According to her, this project fulfils the economic, environmental, human and political criteria, which means that it is a step towards the accomplishment of the 20:20:20 objective of the EU.

Khaldoun Sinno from the European Commission Liaison Office said that Kosovo faces with different challenges in the energy sector, therefore energy saving measures have to be implemented, measures that will also protect the environment.

Sinno said that the implementation of the energy efficiency measures in this hospital includes that installation of solar panels, insulation walls, new windows, and according to the preliminary calculations, energy saving shall reach up to 40 %.

Mayor of Gjilan, Qemajl Mustafa, said that work is ongoing on the implementation of the strategy for economic development, and that the Municipality of Gjilan has implemented many energy efficiency projects with the EC and MEM.

Xhavit Hajdari, executive director in the Gjilan Regional Hospital informed the attendees that the 414,000 Euros have been invested in the implementation of this project, 386,000 of which was invested by the European Commission and 28,000 by the Gjilan Regional Hospital.

He said that invested facility holds the Gynecology-Obstetrics Ward, Neonatology Ward, Center for Women’s Wellbeing, Laboratory and other Services.

At the end of the inauguration ceremony, Gjilan Regional Hospital awarded Letters of Appreciation to Minister Pula, EC Representatives, Mayor of Gjilan and the Projects Developer.