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Prishtina, 3 March 2011- The Economic Development Minister, Besim Beqaj, said that priorities of his Ministry shall be economic structural reforms and modernization of public enterprises, with the aim of increasing their efficiency in terms of services provided for the citizens, sustainable development of the energy sector, and enhancement and modernization of the Information and Communication Technology in line with European and international standards.

In the first press conference after being appointed head of the Ministry, presenting the development platform of the Ministry for Economic Development and its organizational structure, Minister Beqaj said that its Ministry is interested to incite Kosovo’s economic development, as there were many dilemmas as to the actual economic growth and the main stakeholders of economic development.

Minister Beqaj also said that a recent declining share of the private sector in economic growth was visible due to the economic crisis, and that economic growth in the previous year was mainly generated by public investments, which happens in any country after such a deep economic crisis.

“However, our goal is to make the private sector the main generator for economic development and employment, namely the main pillar of economic growth, employment and all developments in the country”, said Minister Beqaj, and also stated that this can be achieved by increasing the competition through a proper economic legislation.

The Minister said that they will proceed with the economic restructuring process, and continue to introduce the market economy model in the country, which also implies the privatization of public assets with the aim of providing better and more efficient services with public money.

Other objectives, according to him, will be the creation of an attractive business environment for local and foreign investors, with the aim of alleviating unemployment, and promoting domesting production through competitive activities abroad, and improving the trading deficit in the current accounts.

The Ministry shall have five departments;
1.    Economic Development Policies’ and Strategies’ Department;
2.    Energy and Mining Department;
3.    Information and Communication Technology Department;
4.    Public Utilities’ Monitoring Department;
5.    General Services Department.