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Prishtina, 24 March 2011 – PTK privatization will be carried out according to the highest international standards and full transparency, and demanding full realization of PTK employee interests, said today the Minister of Economic Development Besim Beqaj at a meeting with representatives of the Trade Union of Post and Telecommunications of Kosovo employees.

The meeting was also attended by the Minister of Labor and Social Welfare Nenad Rasic.

“The Government of Kosovo and the Committee has had a special treatment for PTK employees, and we’ve taken a decision to guarantee PTK staff employment for four years as part of the privatization process”, said Minister Beqaj at the occasion.

In the meeting, the trade union representatives provided information on the progress accomplished in the PTK privatization process, while Minister Beqaj emphasized that PTK privatization is part of the structural reform of Kosovo’s economy and the application of a market economy model according to western standards.

This, said Minister Beqaj, will ensure the provision of less costly, more qualitative and effective services to the citizens of Kosovo. The new investments will also yield in new employment possibilities, enhancement of transparency and diminishment of misuse opportunities.

Minister Beqaj said that the privatization of PTK will be conducted in a fully transparent process and in adherence to the highest privatization standards.

Protection of legality of proceedings and the guarantees provided by the Government and Republic of Kosovo make possible the extraction of maximal value from the sale of PTK.

On the Trade Union’s requests, Minister Beqaj expressed his readiness and the readiness of the Government Privatization Committee to enter in a proper dialogue resulting in the finalization of a collective agreement that will be part of the package to be offered to investors.