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Prishtina, 21 April 2011 – The Minister of Economic Development, Besim Beqaj, said that Kosovo has made substantial progress in the legal infrastructure and concrete projects in Energy, whereas Slavtcho Neykow, director of the Energy Community Treaty Secretariat said that they are very pleased with the work carried out thus far.

After the meeting with Mr. Neykow, Minister Beqaj said that there was an exchange of information on Kosovo’s implementation of the agreement reached in the Energy Community Treaty.

“Kosovo is in a relatively advanced position in terms of legislation, with our projects to move forward in energy, and our projects for the construction of “Kosova e Re” Power Plant, for renewable energy sources’ capacities, and other arrangements in terms of meeting EU rules on the energy market“, said Minister Beqaj.

Formally, a regional strategy on energy is currently under development, and we provided our visions and directions, and our projects, which are of a regional character, and should be addressed as regional projects, said the Minister of Economic Development.

“We are also under preparation of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry, Energy Regulatory Office, KOSTT, and the Energy Community Treaty Secretariat, ensuring that obligations assumed are implemented based on an adequate partnership. We also discussed on a future investors conference, to be organized in May, for which Kosovo will be very active and introduce itself well in the conference”, said Minister. Expressing his satisfaction on today’s meeting, Slavtcho Neykov said they are very pleased with the work carried out thus far in Kosovo.

“Many laws have been adopted, and we are also pleased and impressed with the steps the Government took on secondary legislation. We know that all contracting parties of the Energy Community Treaty Agreement have different difficulties in terms of energy and power supply. Thus, we are very grateful to Mr. Minister for informing us on Kosovo’s projects, and the “Kosova e Re” project, said Mr. Neykov. Ha also stated that it remains in the responsibility and competencies of the Kosovo Government to determine which projects will be developed and how.” Also, all issued involving the environment are important to the Energy community.

In fact, to meet all these requirements, substantial funds are required. At the end of the day, it is all related to the price of energy. Therefore, we want to try our best to fund a possible solution in the right time”, said Mr. Neykov.