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Prishtina, 21 April 2011 – the Minister of Economic Development, Besim Beqaj, highly appreciated the contribution of Mr. Erhard Busek, currently Chair of the Vienna Economic Forum, in supporting Kosovo and its entrepreneurship.

“It was a great pleasure for me to have a meeting with a great friend of Kosovo, a friend who kept his doors open to Kosovo at difficult times. I worked in the stability pact with Mr. Busek when Kosovo became member. Now, Mr. Busek, with the Austrian Ambassador and IPAK representative in Vienna, came to review the possibility of a strong, more aggressive, economic involvement of Austria, and possibilities of cooperation in other areas”, said Minister Beqaj.

As Chair of the Vienna Economic Forum, which is a regional activity, Mr. Busek strongly lobbies for investments in the South-Eastern Europe, which in reality means a stronger promotion of European economy in South-East Europe, said the Economic Development Minister.

“We hope that very soon, a Vienna Economic Forum will be held in Prishtina, and that it will introduce businessmen from Austria and other countries of the region to see our possibilities and potentials”, said Minister Beqaj and also said that he informed Mr. Busek on the priority projects of economic development, so that they can promote such priorities in their companies in Austria.

Mr. Busek said that Minister Beqaj, in the past year of Kosovo’s journey towards economic development has given a valuable contribution and that Kosovo should be proud with him.

“I can say that the key condition for economic development is political stability which should prevail in Kosovo. We discussed with the minister on several projects, how they are going and we should do in the future to implement them. We will include Kosovo in the traditional Vienna Economic Forum meeting, but we want to have a Vienna Forum here in Kosovo, and introduce companies from Austria, and other Vienna Forum members, namely from Germany, Turkey, Switzerland, and see what are the possibilities that exist in Kosovo for investments”, said Mr. Busek. Reiterating the support given to Kosovo, Mr. Busek said that he was very optimistic progress will be made in a secure pace.