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Prishtina, 22 April 2011 – Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, the most powerful representative of the business community, has shown support to the economic development priorities of the country developed by the Kosovo Government.

The Minister of Economic Development, Besim Beqaj, after a meeting with representatives of the business community represented in the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce (KCC), said that he was shown an extraordinary support by the participants.

“I can say that I am encouraged, when speaking of the priorities, the measures that should be undertaken for economic growth, reduction of unemployment, and I received a strong confirmation of the business community that this can all happen if we are in it together. I am particularly pleased that the business community has expressed their cooperation in the reduction of informal economy, namely with the transfer from inform to formal economy”, said Minister Beqaj.

The Economic Development Minister said he has received extraordinary support to continue with the privatization process “moreover, it was a unanimous position of all people today that in a business standpoint all public assets that are under the transformation process should be transformed as soon as possible”.

“The reduction of barriers to improve businesses was also debated and well received, including the fact that we have concrete projects envisaged for privatization. It was proposed to improve the legislation and I was informed that when we speak of elimination of barriers for businesses, we have delivered the first legal package which enables such an approach”.

Minister Beqaj said that he feels pleased that issued opened when he was President of the KCC are now part of the government program.

In the meeting between representatives of the business community and Economic Development Minister, Besim Beqaj, an interest was shown to support the action plan developed by the Kosovo Government, said President of KCC, Safet Gërxhaliu.

“All these processes have received the go-ahead and the support of the business community”, said KCC President.

He said that recommendations, suggestions have been provided, and he expressed the belief that this form of dialogue between national institutions and the private sector will lead to finding a common language and will contribute to the implementation of the priorities.