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Prishtina, 26 April 2011- The Minister of Economic Development, Besim Beqaj, expressed the conviction of the Government that the priorities set forth by the latter may be positively addressed. In a meeting with business representatives at the Kosovo Business Alliance (AKB), Minister Beqaj informed all present on the country’s economic development priorities.

At this occasion, Minister Beqaj emphasized that unemployment may be diminished by up to 10 percent, emphasizing that the objective of this plan is economic growth of between 7 and 8 percent, and calling all economics connoisseurs to express their remarks and suggestions to the plan.

Mr. Beqaj (MED), stressed that the best way to attract foreign investors is to treat well internal investors, thus, giving the foreign investors insight on how business entry functions in Kosovo.

Meanwhile, on the privatization process, Minister Beqaj said that this process should be implemented as promptly and swiftly as possible because the process does not only include privatization but also the transformation of public enterprises.

"I remain convinced that we should privatize our assets, which are mostly in the service sector, as soon as possible and we should transform our assets in the other sectors and I urge the media to disseminate this message properly – as no one should speak solely on the privatization of public assets but also on the transformation of public assets, because sometimes these concepts are getting mixed. On one side we have the privatization of the Post and Telecom, in accordance with the decision taken by the Assembly, and the privatization of the electricity distribution and supply functions, but we are not privatizing KEK, as is often said, but rather conducting a transformation that will result in a public-private partnership”, he said.

On the other hand, AKB chairman Agim Shahini, said that the local businesses are facing unequal competition and a high informality rate.

"Businesses have never asked the Government to do something extraordinary for Kosovo businesses, although Kosovo and its businesses are functioning at unequal specificities. We have always merely asked to be equal to the competition and I say that there is a fierce battle going on as we speak. The fierceness of the competition is supported by informality, as informality is becoming a current phenomenon in Kosovo that is posing a serious threat to our formal economy. The impact is such that many businesses are closing down and some are thinking about going informal”, said Shahini.

He said that the Government should harmonize development, production and salary increments, but should, above all, concentrate on improving employment rates.