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Prishtina, 3 May 2011 – American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo (ACCK) has given strong support to Kosovo’s Economic Development priorities drafted and adopted by the Kosovo Government, in the meeting of the Minister of Economic Development, Besim Beqaj, with the ACCK Board. 

“We support them and we are convinced that the first and only priority of the Government of Kosovo is the economic development. As discussed during the meeting as well, the potential threat may be that the government in local level may push for the development of businesses in a wrong direction,” said the President of AmCham Board of Governors, Chris Hall.

Whereas, Minister Beqaj presented before participants the priorities of economic development as set by the Government, and provided the information on the way this program was drafted.

“I informed them in advance that very often we will have the action plan which will be applied in the Government and then will be discussed with the rest of civil society, political party groups, and parliamentary committees which are charged with this process. It was my pleasure to receive the extraordinary support from the representatives of the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo about the program, about the priorities and continuous discussions that we will have in the future. I informed them on the process of privatization of public assets and transformation of the assets, because it is considered that the market economy is an economy which requires the definition of the real owners of a property,” said Minister of Economic Development, Besim Beqaj.

Minister Beqaj pointed out that during the meeting, was raised the issue of a better cooperation with municipalities in order for the initiative of the Government for cutting the doing business barriers to go beyond the central level and to reach the local levels as well.

“Therefore the concerns that were raised will receive the special attention by us, and will be discussed with the Association of Municipalities, and municipalities on separate occasions, an initiative that we have already undertaken to eliminate these barriers, in order for the business to have an optimal space for operation,” said Beqaj.