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Prishtina, 26 May 2011 – Economic and politic relations between Kosovo and Albania are advanced, and there is no fiscal discrimination of Kosovo by Albania said the Minister of Economic Development Besim Beqaj after the meeting with the Albanian Ambassador in Prishtina Islam Lauka. On the other hand, the Albanian diplomat neglected the allegations that Tirana applies discriminatory taxes over Kosovar products.

Minister Beqaj said that he discussed with Lauka on economic development between the two countries and on the remarkable economic and politic relations that the two countries have.

“Kosovo and Albania have advanced relations in the aspect of economic cooperation, at a level that is far more advanced than the relations we have with other countries, and to this end I wish to thank the Ambassador for supporting such cooperation”, said Beqaj.

Minister Beqaj said that Kosovo is developing an infrastructure that will initiate many other additional activities in the field of economy, adding also that he discussed with the Albanian diplomat on other forms of concrete cooperation in the sphere of energy and in other spheres, which will make it possible for our two countries not only to act as two countries of the same region but also commonly approach the market.

Referring to the latest information that Tirana is applying discriminatory taxes over Kosovar products, Beqaj said that the trade exchange between the two countries is being developed in accordance with the cooperation agreements that exclude any sort of discrimination.

The Albanian Ambassador Islam Lauka said that he was delighted to have reached the mutual conclusion that there is a very strong legal basis for the cooperation between Albania and Kosovo and that there is no problems regarding state cooperation.

“Although some might wish to express their free opinion and say that there is a problem, the truth is that no problem exists. We have consolidated relations and both share the opinion that there are many opportunities to advance the relations for as long as we have the desire and political will of both governments to accomplish that”, said Lauka.