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Prishtina, 6 June 2011 – Today, The Minister of Economic Development (MED), Besim Beqaj, presented the work of the ministry in its first 100 days of existence, underlining the work in the completion of the legal framework, compilation of the planning document on economic developmental priorities, monitoring of public enterprises and implementation of capital projects, while not leaving aside cooperation in the region and beyond.

In regard to the plan on economic development, the minister emphasized the important role that MED had in its compilation, and said that the plan is undergoing final editing (to include timeline projections for respective projects and the expectations regarding their effectives).

“We consider that such a document should not remain merely a wish-list, but should represent a document that stipulates concrete projects for each government department, with clear indications on the possible effects that we can expect from them”, he said.

Minister Beqaj said that during the previous three months MED focused on its restructuring and managed to conclude the legislative basis, cooperation and agreements with other ministries on transfer of units and budgetary allowances and the staffing arrangements.

In relation to legislation, the Minister informed the audience on the procession of the Law on Energy Efficiency at the Assembly and its adoption in its first reading, and on the initiation of amendments to the Law on Publicly Owned Enterprises and drafting of the Law on KPA, Law on Reorganization and Liquidation of Enterprises, Law on the Special Chamber of the Supreme Court of Kosovo and the Law on Partial Transformation of Trepca and numerous administrative instructions that serve such laws.

Focusing on the field of monitoring of public enterprises, Beqaj said that during these 100 days the respective department of the ministry started the process of performance monitoring of public enterprises, in conformity with obligations deriving from their corporate governance instructions and in cooperation with the Swiss confederation, which is the funder of this project.

In the field of telecommunications, during this period, MED concentrated on the implementation of the Law on Information Association Services and on the privatization of Kosovo Post and Telecommunications.

“As you know, last week we have concluded the prequalification process for this project and of five enterprises applying two were prequalified, as they have met the determined conditions. We are satisfied because we have at hand two companies with a very good image and with great spread globally with over 160 million clients, therefore we believe that will have an extremely strong competition”, said Beqaj.

The MED head stated that it is the aim of the ministry to conduct a transparent, open and competitive process and to protect the interest of all employees, in accordance with the applicable law, while preserving and maximising the transaction and protecting from damage that can be caused from within.

Further, Beqaj spoke on energy, underlining the transaction on the privatization of distribution and supply network functions, and the interest of 4 prequalified companies, noting that the process is being finalized.

“Meantime, we have restructured the Steering Committee of TPP Kosova e Re, and had to declare that this project is materially advanced and receive confirmation from the World Bank, in order for us to be able to proceed with this transformation process”, said the Minister, adding that this process was finalized last week in cooperation with the World Bank and now it’s the Government that will engage in concrete communications in this regard.

Beqaj said that one of the sectors in which MED will maximally engage is the sector of renewable energy sources, which represents part of regional and international obligations, reemphasizing that the decommissioning of TPP Kosova A will be delayed to 2017 and that the EC has given its consent on this step, finding it necessary to avoid importing 250-300 million Euro worth of electricity until the operationalization of TPP Kosova e Re.

Finally, the Minister mentioned the fact that MED is part of all international cooperation on matters covered by this ministry, adding that the Memorandum of Cooperation with Croatia is one of the steps undertaken under this framework.