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SHARR, 6 June 2011 – In a meeting with the Mayor and business representatives of Sharr, the Minister of Economic Development Besim Beqaj spoke on stimulation of competition, strengthening of the private sector, generation of employment possibilities, improvement of Kosovo’s image and investment climate and on creation of a safe and stable business climate, while determining the concrete dynamic for the accomplishment of the above.

The Government is committed to accomplishing an annual economic growth rate of 7-8 percent, to diminishing unemployment by 8-10 percent annually, to privatize public assets, reduce business-doing barriers, revitalize agriculture, develop the infrastructure through PPPs and private capital, said Minister Beqaj.

According to him, the Government will remain engaged in the determination of favorable fiscal policies, the transition from informal to formal economy and the development of financial markets.

While speaking on the government programme for economic development, Minister Beqaj emphasized that the Government will establish in the days to come concrete deadlines for the realization of priorities, simultaneously planning the expected effects of the implementation of the government programme.

On the other hand, business owners presented a set of requirements, which, according to them, should be taken into consideration by the Government, in an effort to increasing employment and developing local businesses.

Business representatives have, among other, emphasized that KTA fiscal policies should grant special treatment for rural areas, and requested a clear definition of social property, as over 60% of the immovable property in Municipality of Dragash is considered unused socially owned property.

It was also requested to find a solution to the problem of EU references on export of goods, because in the case of Textile Industry “Remateks” this could play a role on the diminishment of exports and of the number of employees. Emphasizing that this area could be more active in collection of forest fruits and industrial plants, they requested direct support from the government on investments in this field, underlining that this could greatly contribute to the decrease of unemployment and provision of additional financial revenue.