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Prishtina, 19 August 2011 – The Decision of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo to enforce law and order in the territory of the Republic of Kosovo is aimed at eliminating all actions detrimental to economic development in the Republic of Kosovo, and not directed against anyone, said Minister of Economic Development of Kosovo, Besim Beqaj.

These comments were made by Minister Beqaj in Skopje today, in the meeting with his counterpart, Minister of Economy of Macedonia, Valon Saraçini, where he called Macedonian businesses to enter the Kosovo market, not only to acquire more market share, but rather for a sustainable market presence.

Beqaj said that the Kosovo Government has already put the highest priority in economic development, and such development is based in market opening, and removal of the government involvement from the business, thus strengthening the private sector and, certainly, creating national and international public-private-partnerships.

Commenting the decision on reciprocity, Beqaj said that the intention of this decision was not to attack anyone, or to damage any economy, but rather to enforce law and order in our territory internationally recognized by over 80 countries.

“This is an international obligation, a precondition for integration for us to manage, control, and eliminate all adverse actions within our territory in order to have a free competition”, said Beqaj.

Economic Development Minister requested that the trading balancing between the two countries goes towards balancing; having in mind that Kosovo imports around €300 million from Macedonia, and exports around €23 million.

The Macedonian Minister of Economy, Valon Saraçini considered that the two countries have good neighborly, political and economic relations with a tendency to further development.

“Republic of Kosovo is one of the best trading partners of the Republic of Macedonia, is in the 7th position according to trading exchange, and second in terms of exports”, said Saraçini.

He said that reciprocity measures should be used by Macedonian companies, and initiate a strategy to place their products in the Kosovo market.

Minister Beqaj later participated in the meeting of businesspeople of both countries, organized by the Kosovo Business Alliance and the North-Western Macedonian Chamber of Commerce. It was said that the two entities have undertaken all measures aimed at increasing the trading exchange between the two countries.