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Prizren, 6 June 2011 – The Minister of Economic Development (MED), Besim Beqaj, stated on Monday in Prizren that it is an objective of his Establishment to support local businesses, but that there will be no classical subsidies. In addition, efforts will be made to create the preconditions for economic growth and development.

After meeting the Mayor of Prizren Municipality, Ramadan Muja, Minister Beqaj said that thre will be a coordination of efforts with the local authorities, to increase the country’s economic development, and that his Ministry has developed ambitious programs, which aim to alleviate the unemployment and eliminate the informal economy.

“In this context we have envisaged a project to eliminate the unnecessary licenses and barriers, and we seek an economic growth, which will be reflected in the creation of new jobs, and there will also be a support for the businesses, but we will not prefer the classical subsidies, but rather to crate the preconditions”, added the Minister.

When responding to the questions from the media on what is the plan to alleviate unemployment at a time when the relations with IMF have deteriorated, Minister Beqaj said that there is redesign of the agreement with IMF and no deterioration of relations as it’s often said.

Beqaj said on the other hand that diminishment of unemployment is aimed through the implementation of certain capital projects, including those of infrastructural nature such as the highways Vermica – Prizren - Merdare, Prishtina - Skopje, Peja –Mitrovica, etc.

After the meeting with Mayor Muja, Minister Beqaj met with business representatives to discuss the priorities of economic development, and promised that the Government will undertake all available measures in an effort to create the most favorable possible conditions for doing business.