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Prishtinë, 26 August 2011 – Ministry of Economic Development, with the Ministry of Finance is reviewing a fiscal package which aims to create fiscal facilitations for businesses that create new jobs. This would also be an incentive for the local business: said Minister of Economic Development, Besim Beqaj.

These comments were made by Mr. Beqaj in today’s visit in the Municipality of Gjakova, in the inauguration of the Fruit and Vegetable Collection and Processing Plant “Hosa” in Rogovë, Gjakovë, also escorted by the Minister of Agriculture, Blerand Stavileci, the Secretary of the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, Berat Rukiqi, USAID representatives, local officials, and businessmen.

Minister Beqaj said that the development of production capacities and the increase of local produce export is an objective of the Kosovo Government, which will do all it can to support the businesses.

He also said that in the past Kosovo was recognized in the European market and beyond with its products, and with the support of the institutions, Kosovo will restore this market, which is not only limited to Switzerland or the neighboring countries.

Beqaj also informed them that MED and MAFRD will further invest in the rehabilitation of the irrigation system, crating conducive conditions for the growth of agricultural production, and also thanked USAID and other stakeholders for their contribution in business development, such as the fruit and vegetable processing plant in Rogovë.
Minister Beqaj also visited the Regional Irrigation Company Radoniqi-Dukagjini, and companies “Nertili” and “Niki-S” operating in this municipality, and acquired first-hand information on their activities and challenges they face.

Minister Beqaj offered the companies in question institutional support in line with the legal framework, stressing the position of the Government to create all conditions for private business development, and further support for the Public Utilities in improving their services for the public.

Representatives of the companies “Nertili” and “Niki-S” said that the reciprocity enforced by the Government have had a positive impact in their businesses, and added that they have increased their working capacities in order to benefit from the opportunities created.

The visit of Minister Beqaj in the Municipality of Gjakovë is in the scope of visits in the country’s regional centers, in order to acquire direct information on the economic situation and the performance of Public Utilities.