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Prishtinë, 2 September 2011 – In its regular meeting held today, the Government Committee for the Privatization of the Post and Telecommunications of Kosovo (GCP) analyzed the circumstances and developments to date regarding the privatization of 75% shares of this public enterprise.

GCP concluded that the process is proceeding in accordance with the Resolutions of the Assembly and Government of the Republic of Kosovo and in line with its envisaged dynamics, whereas all preparations necessary for the issuance of the PTK privatization tender have been concluded.

Further, GCP analyzed requests submitted by two companies participating in this process, in which they demand an extension of the respective deadlines, in order to adequately prepare for participation in this process. Subsequently, GCP decided to extend the deadline for all companies that expressed their interest to take part in the PTK shares privatization process, for an additional two-week period, in order to provide them with sufficient time for the preparation of their expressions of interest, in full compliance with the terms of the request for prequalification.

This GCP decision was taken in order to achieve the highest level of competitiveness in the process, always being cautious to provide equal and fair treatment for all companies participating in this process. GCP ensures the citizens of Kosovo that the PTK shares privatization process will continue to be adherent to international standards on the conduct of such processes and always in compliance with the existing legal framework of the Republic of Kosovo.