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Prishtina, 5 September 2011 – Minister of Economic Development (MED), Besim Beqaj, in a meeting with the Business Community in the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce (KCC) on the electricity supply for the A+ category, confirmed that economic development is a Government commitment and businesses are a key actor in this relation. “MED, as the ministry responsible to monitor Public Utilities, is in regular contacts with KEK, in order to see the progress and improvement of the electricity situation, and we are encouraged as lately we have achieved a significant improvement in the power supply”, said Minister Beqaj.

Minister Beqaj also stated that MED disclosed the Kosovo Government’s economic program before the business community, envisaging the strengthening of the private sector as a basic and substantial feature in the economic development of the country, tackling the reduction of unemployment, and economic growth. Minister Beqaj stated that the meeting with the KEK director, Mr. Arben Gjukaj and the business community is aimed at addressing the situation created on the rules of the A+ category.

Minister Beqaj stated on this occasion that the meeting also aimed to obtain accurate information in order not to create a mistaken opinion on this issue. “MED, which monitors Public Utilities, has requested KEK to always be ready to provide answers to all questions addressed by the business community, and asked that both parties discuss the criteria required to achieve regular energy supply”, said Minister Beqaj.

Beqaj also asked that KEK and the Business Community respect their contractual relations. “We ask that law and order is applied; we also ask that the energy generated is paid, and that all various abuses from any party are addressed”, said Minister Beqaj.

On his side, Safet Gërxhaliu, president of the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, stated that the meeting has produced positive results, and added that KCC shall protect the interests of al. Gërxhaliu concluded that the meeting will strengthen the dialog of the public private partnership, and stated that there was a pragmatism seen in the meeting by KEK. Gërxhaliu said that this meeting is conducive of economic development.

KEK General Manager, Arben Gjukaj, said that KEK’s mission is to treat all consumers equally, and that the concerns of the business community shall be addressed with the best solution possible. Gjukaj also said that KEK is ready to provide uninterrupted supply for the A+ category.