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PRISHTINA, 5 July 2011 – Minister of Economic Development (MED), Besim Beqaj, in the meeting of the Assembly Committee on Economic Development, Trade, Industry, Energy, Transport and Telecommunication, stated that MED is working in implementing the Law on Mines and Minerals.

In its activities to implement this law, Minister Beqaj said, the Department of Mining in MED has identified its obligations deriving from the Law, most important of which the development of of regulations complementing mining activities.

In cooperation with the Independent Commission on Mines and Minerals (ICMM), the Mining Department has drafted six Rules of Procedure and has also drafted a series of Administrative Instructions, said Minister Beqaj. The Minister also mentioned the Regulation on the Content of the Program for Geological Research, Regulation on Mining Safety and Environment Protection, and the Regulation for the Classification of Mining Resources. 

Minister Beqaj, informed the Committee that works have started in the construction of the National Museum of Crystals, and committed to a prompt completion of works.

Before the Committee, the Minister also highlighted the challenges which include the non-adoption of the Mining Strategy by the Assembly, which would functionalize the legislative basis of the mining system in Kosovo.

Committee members requested that the Geological Services to be regulated in a separate law. They also requested the issuance of a separate Administrative Instruction by the Ministry on Special Interest Zones.