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Prishtina, 20 September 2011 – Minister of Economic Development (MED), Besim Beqaj, in an informal conference of Energy Ministers of the EU countries in Vrocllav, Poland, had numerous meetings where he presented the strategic orientation of Kosovo in the energy sector.

As a result of Kosovo’s invitation as a country by Poland, the next EU Chair, Serbia representatives did not participate in the meeting. The meeting was also attended by the EU Energy Commissioner, Ginter Etinger.

Representing the independent state of Kosovo, discussing on the common European infrastructure development, Minister Beqaj said that the main objectives of the energy strategy are to achieve sufficient electricity independence and supply, to have a self-sustainable energy market, eliminating the need for government subsidies, and to have affordable tariffs for the Kosovo citizens.

Minister Beqaj said that the strategy of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo is to commission the Thermal Power Plant “Kosova e Re”, which would be funded by private capital and will operate with the latest environmental technologies.

Another objective is to fully rehabilitate Power Plant “Kosova B”, enabling its operation in line with the requirements of EU Directives;

Beqaj also mentioned the decommissioning of Power Plant “Kosova A” will have a positive effect in reducing pollutions, and that Kosovo is determined to have an open electricity market, with the aim of achieving lower market prices.

MED Minister said that Kosovo is in the final stage of the Distribution and Supply Privatization Process.

On his part, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy of Poland, Waldemar Pawlak, said in his opening remarks that it is important that Europe is more open to discussions with power suppliers outside of Europe, and concluded that this would enable the creation of better electricity supply conditions.

Poland, the supply of which entirely depends on coal, believes that coal-fired electricity will continue in the future, along with significant investments in reducing emissions and pollutant gases.

“We have to speak of economies and a lower emission of greenhouse gases, rather than an economy which uses less coal. An economy with a lower emission of greenhouse gases could be based on coal, due to modern technologies”, said the Polish Deputy Prime Minister.

During his stay in Vrocllav, Minister Beqaj had informal meetings with the majority of his counterparts from countries participating in the meeting.