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PRISHTINË, 3 August 2011 – Minister of Economic Development, Besim Beqaj, stated today that Kosovo is decisive in implementing reciprocity measures with Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and will not withdraw from such efforts.

In the meeting between businessmen from Kosovo and Macedonia, organized by the Kosovo Business Alliance, also attended by the President of the North-Western Macedonia Chamber of Commerce, Menderes Kuçi and representatives of the Embassy of the Republic Macedonia in Kosovo, Minister Beqaj said that Kosovo enforced reciprocity measures with Serbia and is decisive not to withdraw from this decision.

“Kosovo businesses, as well as all citizens, have witnessed a clear decisiveness of the Republic of Kosovo, of our institutions to enforce law and order inside the territory of Kosovo, and this requires the direct involvement of the business community, economies of Kosovo and regional countries, to better supply our market. Kosovo’s market has not shortages, is well supplied thanks to the efforts of the business community, and this meeting today is aimed at seeking possibilities of long-term cooperation of Macedonian companies, and their efforts to replace previously Serbia-supplied products in the Kosovo market, and create mutual partnerships”, said minister Beqaj.

Minister Beqaj said that the Government of Kosovo is ready to create any institutional support to enforce law and order and to create a free competition.

“I encouraged both Chambers of Commerce to continue with their cooperation and to contribute in supplying Kosovo citizens with high quality goods, competitive prices, and to also create the possibilities for our Kosovo products to be more present in the tables of all citizens, but also to find markets in the regional countries, in Macedonia in particular”, said Minister Beqaj.

Agim Shahini, President of the Kosovo Business Alliance highlighted the importance of today’s meeting, and said that it is aimed to enhance the trading exchange between the two countries, in order to fill in the gap that may happen.

"Today, there are over 40 Kosovo and Macedonian companies working in construction, agriculture, trading, industry and services, which are seeking possibilities to cooperate with each other. We are obliged to provide good alternatives for our customers, as the Alliance was amongst the first to ask for reciprocity measures, and we cannot allow our citizens feel a shortage of products, or a price increase. Hence, meeting the customer needs, we are also carrying out various activities with other businesses and countries in the region, in order to have sufficient products available in the Kosovo market”, said Shahini.

Menderes Kuçi, President of Chamber of Commerce of the North-West Macedonia stated that despite reciprocity measures in trading relations with Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo is proving that there is no shortage of needed products, and that Macedonian businesses are looking to replace the products previously imported from Serbia.

“We are, therefore, here to assure the Kosovo Government that we will not allow any misuses in this direction, because it is not in the interest of our business in Macedonia to trade foreign products. Quite the opposite, this is a good opportunity for us to penetrate the market, and stay there”, said President Kuçi.