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Prishtina, 6 October 2011 – Economic Development Minister (MED), Besim Beqaj, said in the 9th meeting of the Ministerial Council of the Energy Community Treaty (ECT), organized in Kishinjev, Moldavia, that Kosovo has achieved tremendous progress in implementing ECT obligations and in the EU integration process.

Minister Beqaj said that the Republic of Kosovo has undertaken all the necessary steps in energy sector reforms. He also informed the attendees that the Kosovo Assembly has adopted the basic energy laws, including the Law on Energy, Law on Electricity, Law on the Energy Regulatory Office, and the Law on Energy Efficiency, as well as other bylaws which are under implementation process.

Minister Beqaj added that the Kosovo Government is committed to developing new power generation capacities, which is an essential prerequisite for local economic development. In this context, projects such as construction of “Kosova e Re” Power Plant, and privatization of energy distribution and supply, have a decisive role in attracting private capital in the country and for a sustainable development of the energy sector.

Minister Beqaj said that Kosovo is also committed towards full integration in the regional energy market, which would mean that all current barriers in energy cooperation would be eliminated, and the future cooperation and coordination between the signatory parties of the Energy Community Treaty would be increased.

Minister of Economic Development expressed the readiness of state institutions to achieve the renewable sources generation targets, in line with the natural potential of Kosovo. In addition, he expressed full readiness in promoting and connecting Kosovo in the regional gas supply project.

Minister Beqaj also raised the issue of finding a solution to the dispute between the Republic of Kosovo and Republic of Serbia, which continues to illegally use Kosovo’s transmission system.

Minister Beqaj said that Kosovo institutions have raised this issue in line with the applicable legislation, to the highest competent bodies responsible to resolve such disputes, and expressed his confidence that this issue will be resolved in the spirit of bilateral cooperation in the future.

Minister Beqaj received confirmation from the Energy Community Treaty Secretariat that this is an issue to be addressed with high priority, in line with best practices, with a view to strengthening future regional cooperation.

Economic Development Minister was convinced that such unlawful actions by Serbia will be soon resolved in favor of the Republic of Kosovo.

In this important meeting, Republic of Kosovo appointed its representative in the Advisory Committee of the Energy Community Treaty, which is tasked to provide recommendations for disputes between signatory countries of the Energy Community Treaty.

Another important outcome of the meeting was the decision for the full implementation of the third package of the European Union by 2015, which implies full harmonization of Kosovo’s energy system with that of EU member countries. It also means that there will full market competition, integration with systems in the region, and a strengthening of the role of professional institutions.

This meeting was attended by Minister and other representatives of signatory parties of the Energy Community Treaty, Gunther Oettinger – Energy Commissioner, Valeriu Lazar – Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy of Moldavia, representatives of the World Bank, USAID, and other EU countries.