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Prishtinë, 20 October 2011 – The Government of Republic of Kosovo is improving its fiscal policies in order to favor local businesses, with the aim of removing all potential barriers for the development of the private sector, said the Minister of Economic Development Besim Beqaj during his visit to the mineral water production factory ‘Kllokot’ in Kllokot, while asking the businesses to employ an institutional approach in their operations.

During the meeting with this factory’s management staff, Minister Beqaj extended the support of the Government for businesses, while emphasizing that there is an initiative to establish an Export Center that will serve this goal. Here, businesses would obtain all necessary information on the export of their products in foreign markets.

Beqaj said that recently local production is revived and this is reflected in increased exports. He further assessed that this will represent a positive development for the country’s economy and employment.

Using this occasion the Minister had high considerations for the water production factory ‘Kllokot’ and its recent investments to renovate the production line, amounting to over two million euro, as well as its initiatives to export the water abroad.

For their part the Chairman of the Board of ‘Kllokot’ factory, Adil Reshani and its General Director, Fatmir Reshani, briefed Minister Beqaj on the developments in the factory and its business in the country and abroad.

The Chairman of the Board emphasized that ‘Kllokot’ factory products are equipped with ISO standard certificates and are being exported in Switzerland and Saudi Arabia, with another contract finalized with the German KFOR.

‘Kllokot’ Factory directors have briefed that the current production capacities of this factory are 7500 liters per hour, with the possibility to commission another production line with an additional 5000 liters per hour.