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Tirana, 7 November 2011 – The Government of Republic of Kosovo strongly supports the initiative of the Council for Regional Cooperation for an Electronic Southeast Europe, and remains dedicated to see the eSEE Agenda Plus action plan implemented in Kosovo, within the set deadlines, said the Minister of Economic Development Besim Beqaj in the meeting organized in Tirana by the Council for Regional Cooperation for the Electronic Southeast Europe.

Present at this high-level meeting on the development of the technological society, which gathered ministers from the region covering Information Technology, was also the Prime Minister of Albania Sali Berisha, as well as representatives of the EC, UNDP, ITU Telecommunication Development Office, etc.

At the moment when Minister Beqaj took the lantern, representatives of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina left the premises, as a sign of protest for the participation of the Republic of Kosovo under equal terms in this regional forum.

While emphasizing that Information and Communication Technology development represents a substantial sector for economic and social development, Minister Beqaj said that ICT has become en enabling infrastructure for economies in development.

“Information is categorized as one of the fundamental factors of productivity, along with capital and human resources. Information significantly contributes to the GDP in economies based in new industrialization and the modern sectors of developing countries,” said Minister Beqaj.

MED Head said that currently there is consent on the fact that information and communication technologies provide for key economic development components, contribute to the global integration, by supporting the preservation of national identities and by advancing efficiency, effectiveness and transparency of the public sector.

He underlined that access to information and ICT is viewed as key for sustainable reduction of poverty, mainly by improving efficiency and global competitiveness of the economy, provision of higher quality services in education and healthcare and establishment of new income sources.

“By being completely aware of the fact that Information and CommunicationTechnology can not be developed separately from the region we belong to, Kosovo has initially supported the initiative of the former Stability Pact for Electronic Southeast Europe - eSEE and later the wider initiative of Southeast Europe”, said Beqaj and added that these initiatives and trends of technological development and the development of new services deriving from them in Europe and beyond, will generally bring new qualities to the region from the aspect of regional cooperation and from the aspect of further development of such information society technologies and services.

According to him, Kosovo institutions, especially the Ministry of Economic Development, remain seriously committed to addressing the eSEE Agenda Plus commitments, by continuing to establish the legal framework, in full compliance with the European Union legislation (Acquis Communautaire) on this sphere.

The adoption of the National Strategy on Information Societies, Electronic Governance Strategy and Action Plan, Strategy on Electronic Learning and Policy Paper on Telecommunication have provided for an opportunity for further development of Information Society in Kosovo, said the Minister of Economic Development.

He underlined that priority spheres of the eSEE Agenda Plus are – the sole Information Environment in Southeast Europe, ICT Novelties and Investments in Research and Development, and a comprehensive Information Society, as well as the concrete objectives and activities that have to be conducted in order to accomplish these objectives.

“As stated in the documents we have adopted, our politic goals in the aspect of providing for a favorable environment for developing services and using ICT are: opening of markets for new service providers/operators and competition, private sector participation, provision of attractive business possibilities, development of regulatory capacities, diminishment of the development gap, provision of universal service, guaranteeing optimal utilization of limited resources, Public Administration reform process management, ICT Architecture Framework of Government of Kosovo, utilization of ICT in the educational system, electronic governance, creation of a new legal system which ensures more efficient monitoring and supervision of the ICT sector, which helps a more efficient and transparent governance, consumer protection and distribution of new and modern services and technologies to meet the needs of their users”, emphasized Beqaj.

Minister Beqaj stressed that in order to meet these objectives, close cooperation with countries of the region, EU countries, European Commission, UNDP, UNECE, private sector, NGOs, Academic Institutions, etc. is envisaged.