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Prishtinë, 1 December 2011 – Senior of the Economic Development Ministry, Municipality of Podujevë, and GIZ representatives inaugurated on Thursday the project for efficient lighting in the street “Zahir Pajaziti” in Podujevë with a project value of 79,000 Euros, enabling an energy saving of 13,000 Euros per year.

The Deputy Minister of Economic Development Gani Koci, the Mayor of Podujevë Agim Veliu, and GIZ representative, Avni Sfishta, pushed the symbolic switch-on button for the lights.

On this occasion, the Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Gani Koci, stated that the efficient lighting project of several streets in Podujevë is only a part of a project package which in cooperation with GIZ and relevant municipalities under development in Kosovo. “The purpose of this project is to provide low cost quality lighting and energy savings. MED, through its budget lines, will continue to implement similar projects, with support of other organizations” said Deputy Minister Koci. Further, he added that this project will bring savings of up to 40% per year, which implies nearly 13,000 Euros saved per year. 

Podujevë Mayor, Agim Veliu, thanked the Ministry of Economic Development and GIZ for this project and stated that it has a significant importance to the residents of the municipality. “This project will provide lighting for 15 streets of Podujevë, expanding on 10 kilometers, and will enable significant electricity savings”.

From his part, GIZ representative Avni Sfishta stated that the project falls under the adherence to the Energy Community Treaty and EU Directive requirements on energy savings. 

MED has allocated 26,000 Euros for this project, Podujevë Municipality 23,000 Euros and GIZ 30,000 Euros.