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Prishtina, 31 January 2012 – The initiative of the Economic Development Ministry and PTK to honor our heroes of freedom with the issuance of a post stamp, is only a small duty of Kosovo’s institutions for the great deed of our martyrs, said the Economic Development Minister, Besim Beqaj.

These comments were made today on the inauguration of the emission of the new post stamps titled: “Flambeaus of Freedom”, where with the Acting CEO of PTK, Nuredin Krasniqi, and the Chair of the PTK Board of Directors, Mr. Rexhë Gjonbalajn, unveiled the frame with the display of the post stamp.

“With this post stamp today, we sublimate the great values of Gërvalla brothers, Kadri Zeka, Zahir Pajaziti, Hakif Zejnuhallau and Edmond Hoxha, the common goal of which was Kosovo’s freedom and independence”, said Beqaj.

Acting PTK CEO, Nuredin Krasniqi, said that the release of the 77th edition of postal stamps titled “Flambeaus of Freedom” is dedicated to our heroes who sacrificed their lives for an independent Kosovo, for the freedom we enjoy today.

“Their resistance and heroic journey became a roadmap for other comrade-in-arms who held the flambeau of freedom lit, who organized, lead and open way for the institutions of freedom”, said Krasniqi.

Through this edition of postal stamps, “Flambeaus of Freedom”, the Philately of the Post of Kosovo presented some of the intellectual war activists of the 70’s and 80’s, and of the armed war in the 90’s.

This edition of postal stamps consists of two €1 and €2 nominal postal stamps, and the First Day Envelope.

With this new edition of postal stamps, the Philately of the Post of Kosovo wishes to reiterate that the age-long ware of the Kosovo people for independence and freedom is undoubtedly the strongest and bloodiest resistance of the Balkans people.