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Prishtina, 16 February 2012 – Through its Ministry of Economic Development, the Government of Kosovo will provide 3 million euro in subsidies for Termokos during this year.

Although this public enterprise is owned by the Municipality of Prishtina, Termokos also received 1.525.000 euro in subsidies from the Government of Kosovo last year, of which 904.000 euro was paid when the frost hit in the end of last year.

From 2012 allocations, on 13 February, Termokos received 1.463.000 euro, while an additional 540.000 euro will be paid during this month, summing to over 2 million euro in subsidies only this month.

The other part of the Termokos subsidy, at the amount of 1 million euro, will be paid in fall of this year.

The data above show that subsidies from the Budget of Republic of Kosovo to this company have increased by 100% this year.