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Mr. Ferat Shala,
Managing Director,
Mining Complex – Trepça

Prishtinë, 20 February 2012

Dear Mr. Shala,

On behalf of the Ministry of Economic Development, please allow me to congratulate you and all Kosovo miners on the Miners’ Week.

Throughout the bright history of the Trepça Complex, its miners were on the forefront of efforts to protect national interests and were an example of hard work, engagement, and sacrifices for freedom, independence, and our country’s development.

Numerous strikes against wild exploitations by the occupiers, massive participation of miners in protests, and other forms of expressing discontent, make Trepça miners a positive example of the protection of national interests, and the struggle towards a better future, prosperity and development of our country.

Trepça was and remains the pride of Kosovo, and its miners the best example of how concrete, responsible and committed activism goes to the benefit of the country.

Kosovo’s Government, namely the Ministry of Economic Development, would like to congratulate you on the Miners’ Week and assure you that, through relevant legislation, it is committed to adopt policies conducive of building capacities for the economic development of the Republic of Kosovo.

Sincerely yours,

Besim Beqaj