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Prishtinë, 21.05.2012 – KEK Distribution and Supply Privatization Process is in full compliance with international standards, and maximally protects Kosovo’s interests, and doesn’t assume any legal or financial liabilities which could be problematic in the future, said Economic Development Minister, Besim Beqaj.

The Minister made these comments today in a press conference, after meeting with the Government Privatization Committee for KEDS, informing the public on the course of the bid submissions, which resulted with the two Bids submitted by Limak & Çalik from, and Elsewedy Electrics A.E. from Egypt.

Minister Beqaj said that transparency in the process is assured by allowing the presence of representatives of the bidding companies, and observes of IFC and Deloitte in the bid opening procedure, and they have all confirmed the regularity of the opening process.

“The documentation, in line with the rules, is stored in a treasury in a room which has 24 a day video recording, and two institutions hold the keys to access such information. We now expect the bid evaluation committee, which was appointed today by the relevant ministers, to carry out its duties”, he added.

According to the minister, the Committee will convene as of tomorrow, and as soon as the procedures and evaluation of such documentation are clear, we will move with the announcement of the preferred bidder. He also added that the only criterion in consideration will be the best financial offer.

Beqaj said that the ministers, on behalf of the Government, have had intensive discussions on the rights of employees. In this sense, GPC has taken a decision, with full Government backing, that all contracts of employees, including temporary ones, shall be guaranteed for a three-year period.

Minister Beqaj also clarified that the Kosovo Government, different from other countries, assumes no obligations to cover losses, which may resulted in the future private company due to non-collections.

“This was often misinterpreted, claiming that there will be government subsidies for non-collection. I reiterate before all of you that there will be no subsidies for non-collections. Subsidies will provided for generation and social cases, in line with the lists provided by the MLSW”, added the Minister.

Economic Development Minister promised that the process will be soon finalized, and the interested parties will be timely informed, whereas the process of financial offers will be public, and in addition the presence of directly involved ministers, we will ensure the presence of all international institutions in Kosovo, including embassies, EULEX, ICO, European Commission, KfW, USAID, the civil society, media and any other interested party expressing a desire to be present.