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Prishtina, 28 May 2012 – Kosovo and Croatia have enhanced their level of cooperation, moving from memoranda of understanding to inter-state agreements on specific and significant economic spheres. IN the given case, the proposal has come from the Government of Croatia, said the Minister of Economic Development after meeting the Croatian Minister of Construction and Physical Planning Ivan Vrdoljak.

Minister Beqaj found the visit of the Croatian minister rather significant for the Republic of Kosovo, bearing in mind that from next year Croatia will become a full member of the European Union, hence, economic cooperation between these two countries is of special significance.

He said that MED is currently analyzing a framework agreement on this matter, in accordance to which a common group shall be established, and shall meet every six months to analyze economic potential and administrative problems that the governments should eliminate in order to ensure normal and unhindered economic development.

I believe that this agreement will soon be signed by both governments, and bearing in mind the governmental obligations it entails, this agreement will represent an international inter-state treaty,’ said Beqaj, adding that cooperation with Croatia will include spheres like energy, telecommunications, institutional capacity building and obtainment of Croatian experiences in relation with EU funding. The Head of MED informed Minister Vrdoljak on projects Kosovo is implementing and invited Croatian companies to participate in these processes, which are subject to the highest international standards and regulations on competition.

Beqaj said that both governments will support their economies’ orientation towards regional markets and that the said cooperation will bring mutual benefits, vowing for a new dynamics for economic and politic relations of Kosovo and Croatia. For his part, Minister Ivan Vrdoljak passed to his counterpart greetings of the Prime Minister and Deputy-Prime Minister for economic matters and assessed that to date relations between Kosovo and Croatia were not at the desired level.

‘I have come to transmit to you the following politic message: we are friends of Kosovo and we wish to further deepen our cooperation,’ said Vrdoljak emphasizing that he is not content with the fact that the Croatian Government has not paid due seriousness in its approach to cooperation with Kosovo in the economic sphere.

He said that this is the moment when Croatia enters EU and leaves CEFTA. Leaving CEFTA will make the presence of Croatian products in Kosovo more difficult, and if we do not act in due time, then the presence of Croatian products and economy in Kosovo will be problematic.

Vrdoljak said that the message he gave to Minister Beqaj is that he’s here to ask for partners and not offer help. He’s here to provide for mutual cooperation in the sphere of economy, as there is a possibility of cooperation in approaching wider markets.