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Prishtina 18.04.2012 – Minister of Economic Development, Besim Beqaj, on the occasion of the Kosovo Day in the Energy Community Secretariat in Vienna, informed the participants on the one-year progress of Kosovo and the implementation of priorities related to the structural reform in the energy sector in particular, and economy in general.
Minister Beqaj provided information on the adoption of relevant bylaws in energy, recent developments in the electricity distribution and supply privatization process, implementation of the ‘Kosova e Re’ Power Plant Project, which aims to increase generation capacities and achieve security of supply with affordable costs for the citizens of the country.

He also spoke of the inclusion and contribution of Kosovo representatives in drafting the regional energy strategy and Kosovo’s commitment to part of the gas ring, which is also in line with the Energy Strategy adopted in the Kosovo Assembly.

With the aim of implementing European 20/20/20 standards by 2020, Minister Beqaj mentioned the concrete steps undertaken by the Ministry of Economic Development. To this end, with the aim of using alternative resources for electricity generation, MED is continuously promoting incentive tariffs for such energy generation.

In addition, with the aim of reducing procedural barriers for the development of renewable energy potentials, MED has initiated the development of a task force which will analyze the current situation, and propose simplified procedures to acquire relecant documents.

“Draft Plan on Renewable Energy Sources 2011-2020 has been drafted and will be finalized within 2012, after receiving comments from the ECS, and targets for alternative sources generation energy will be defined accordingly.

The implementation of the Action Plan on Energy Efficiency 2010-2018, which includes a target of 9%, is under implementation, and concrete projects have been financially supported by the Kosovo Government”, added the Economic Development Minister.

Minister Beqaj informed the Secretariat on Kosovo’s preparations in organizing a Donor Conference on energy, which will be organized in cooperation with the EU General Directorate on Energy and the World Bank. This will be a high level conference, and the participation of the EU Commissioner on Energy, Gunther Oettinger, is also planned.

Beqaj asked the Energy Community Secretariat to ensure that all parties respected the reached Agreements. Specifically, the Minister requested the further engagement of the Secretariat to conclude the legal matter related to the illegal use of Kosovo’s transmission network by Serbia.

Minister Beqaj restated Kosovo’s commitment for integration in the regional and European energy market, which would contribute the establishment of a more open and effective market, to the service of all citizens of the country.

In addition to MED, this meeting was also attended by representatives of MTI, ERO, KEK, KOSTT and other relevant stakeholders.