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Prishtina, 10.10.2012 – Government Privatization Committee for the privatization of PTK (GPC) considers that publications in several local media that the Government has allegedly committed to use PTK and Kosovo Post’s immovable assets as collateral for prequalified companies in the PTK privatization process are untrue and tendentious.

The Article published on October 9 in the Daily “Express” do not correspond with the reality, as this Article and other publications of the day provide inaccurate and incorrect information, causing much confusion in the public.

Calling on anonymous sources, when MED officials were willing to provide relevant information is unacceptable, particularly knowing that MED has always timely replied to all inquiries and questions of Express reporters.

GPC, as the leading authority for the PTK privatization process, authorized to take decisions, on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo, related to the privatization process, in line with the Constitution and the laws of Kosovo, had no meeting with prequalified investors for the PTK privatization, and received no formal requests by such companies to use immovable assets of neither PTK or Kosovo Post as collateral.

In addition, we emphasize that pursuant to the Decision of the Kosovo Assembly and Government, PTK has been restructured and divided into two separate companies – Kosovo Post and PTK, the latter of which kept the telecom business, including mobile and landline telephony, and internet.

Kosovo Post operates as a publicly owned separated from PTK, has around 1000 employees, and has inherited over 98% of immovable assets of the whole PTK.

Post’s assets, such as the buildings’ stock, are part of the new publicly owned enterprise Kosovo Post, and are not subjected to privatization; hence, they cannot be used as collateral.

Kosovo Post, legally and practically, will continue to operate as an independent publicly owned enterprise, and will receive income from leases and other services in provides currently and will continue to provide in the future.

In addition, the Article includes another false statement that allegedly the process is in risk of investors’ potential withdrawal.

Again, GPC expresses its conviction that the PTK privatization process is being implemented in full compliance with the decisions of the Assembly and the Government of the Republic of Kosovo, and in full transparency, and that all necessary measures to prepare the company for privatization have been undertaken, in order to ensure a maximal transaction value, and ensure that the telecommunication sector in the future is further developed, providing affordable quality services for the citizens.