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Prishtina, 26.11.2012 – This is a year of investments in the public sector, where the Government of the Republic of Kosovo, in cooperation with donors, as well as with municipal projects, has spent over €85 million in water supply, roads, sewage systems, all projects which make the lives of Kosovo citizens better, said the Minister of Economic Development, Besim Beqaj.

Beqaj made these comments in the inaugural ceremony of the water supply for seven villages of the Municipality of Suharekë, in the presence of the Mayor of Suharekë, Blerim Kuçi, Swiss Ambassador in Kosovo, Krystyna Marty Lank, managers of Hydro Region, and numerous members of beneficiary villages.

“With this inauguration today, the Government of the Republic of Kosovo is completing an obligation in cooperation with the Municipality, Swiss Embassy, and SDC, to the benefit of its citizens”, said Beqaj, and added that this is an orientation of the Government and all those officials who got the faith of the citizens.

Economic Development Minister, on behalf of the Kosovo Government thanked the Swiss Government for allocating €8.1 million of its taxpayers’ money. The Ministry of Economic Development has added to this an additional €2 million, to improve water supply services in the region of Southeast Kosovo.

From his part, the Mayor of Suharekë, Blerim Kuçi, concluded that this project is a donation of the Swiss people, so that the seven villages of Suharekë have good water supply, and better services, thanks to this investment from Switzerland and MED.

Swiss Ambassador, Krystyna Marty Lank, said that the current project enabled the construction of water supply system for 7 villages of Suharekë, with approximately 14 thousand inhabitants.

She said that today’s result comes from an excellent cooperation of the Swiss Government, Ministry of Economic Development, and the Municipality of Suharekë.

Marty Lank said that Switzerland has helped the water sector since 1999, and that around 50 water supply systems have been developed in 73 villages, and that Swiss support will continue in 2013-2016.

This project has a total value of €600 thousand, targeting villages of Suharekë; Grejkoc, Gjinoc, Gelancë, Leshan, Topliçan, Tërrinje and Neperbisht.