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Prishtina, 19 December 2012 – This year, we have had a more qualitative and uninterrupted supply of electricity. This was achieved due to maximal commitment of KEK employees, whom we have to thank now for getting to forget how the noise of generators sounds like, said the Minister of Economic Development Besim Beqaj, in the inauguration of ‘Prishtina 7’ transformer station.

“The Government has advocated strongly for better supply and provision of better opportunities for businesses, which now enjoy more qualitative services for the dues they pay to KEK. This 5-million euro investment is funded by KEK, paid by Kosovo tax-payers, and will be operated by KOSTT from the moment of its commissioning,” said Beqaj.

According to Minister Beqaj, this sub-station is of great importance because all residential areas supplied from it will enjoy more qualitative and sustainable electricity supply. Moreover, it provides an alternative connection line for KCUC, as a back-up for any defects in regular electricity supply, as well as a direct connection possibility for all businesses operating in its area.

He said that the Government of Kosovo is committed to giving utmost priority to the lives of its citizens, and that during this year Kosovo managed to sign short-term and long-term contracts with donors contributing to the Kosovo Budget, at the amount of 85 million euro, covering investments in publicly-owned enterprises at both central and municipal levels, which are aimed at improving the lives of all citizens of Republic of Kosovo.

Similarly, Mayor of Prishtina, Isa Mustafa, expressed his content with the investments made in the southern part of the capital, which is home to a number of sensitive residential areas, claiming that KEK has thereby solved an important problem for the residents and businesses opearing in this area.

Direct beneficiaries from the commissioning of this transformer station will be consumers in the areas of: Veterniku, Lagja e Spitalit, Mati 1, Hajvalia and Çagllavica. Other beneficiaries include Kishnica mine and facilities of the Regional Water Supply Company ‘Prishtina’.

An additional special outlet is also added to the existing reserve outlet line, and made available for the Kosovo Clinical and University Center, which will increase the security of supply in the event of any breakage in the primary connection.

The new transformer station 110/10(20)kV Prishtina 7 has installed capacities of 2x40 MVA.