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Prishtina, 09 February 2013 – After consultations at the Government level, the Ministry of Economic Development decided to request from KEK to conduct, by 16 February, a detailed re-evaluation of the situation created and to provide all relevant documents related to billing, meter-reading and effects of meter replacement, said Minister Besim Beqaj.

Beqaj made these comments during the press conference organized specifically to clarify the situation caused recently with KEK invoices, whereby he ensured all citizens that the Government will undertake all measures necessary for all cases that may be identified as breaches of authorization by anyone in KEK or in any other institution.

He reemphasized that the Government remains committed to the implementation of the Energy Strategy, which stipulates three basic principles: regular energy supply; affordable energy bills for citizens and development of new generation capacities, all in conformity with environmental standards.

“I wish to inform you that there were no changes in energy prices to date. The decision on increase of electricity prices was taken last year and all invoices issued throughout the last year were based on this. Nobody can argue that there was an increase in prices,” said Beqaj, adding that the situation created forced the Government to take certain measures to accommodate citizens’ concerns.

He said that MED requested from KEK to address all appeals made to date and to delay invoice servicing terms until they are verified. Therefore, for all citizens having any concern related to invoicing, the payment of their bills will be postponed until the situation is ultimately clarified, which means that the necessary measures should be implemented based on their bills after the appeal is addressed.

“At the same time, MED has established a commission that will oversee the process, which comprises representatives of MED, ERO, MTI, which is related to the meter tempering unit, the Meteorology Unit and the Consumers’ Association. This commission will sit and evaluate each case individually, and will present adequate recommendations,” said Minister Beqaj.

Head of MED informed that in case any omissions are noted in the process, adequate measures will be taken against all persons or institutions causing such offences, whether in invoicing, meter-reading, tempering, tariff blocks or other.

“I once again want to encourage all citizens that feel that they were subject to any invoicing injustice to utilize their legal rights to dispute them and to undertake all necessary legal steps,” said the Minister, while ensuring Kosovo citizens that no citizen will pay more than they spent.

Otherwise, Minister Beqaj underscored that it is evident than in the last two years the country enjoyed a very good electricity supply, that we are forgetting generator noises, that we’ve had a more qualitative generation, and this was a result of the engagement of all institutions, as well as KEK staff.