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Prishtina, 19 February 2013 – In the regular meeting held today, the Ministerial Committee on Publicly-Owned Enterprises discussed a number of matters related to the business plans of Publicly-Owned Enterprises, addressed POE requests, POE Board compensation and their financial performance in 2012, based on their unaudited financial statements.

The Ministerial Committee further reviewed the request of the Ministry of Kosovo Security Force on use of PTK products and services, and decided that the said request should be implemented by PTK, in conformity with requirements set in subsidiary legislation.

In relation to the compensation of Boards and salaries of senior POE officials, the Committee concluded that compensation of Board members and salaries of senior officials in POEs should be reconstructed and aligned with the basic POE Law.

It was, thus, decided that PMUPOE will prepare an analysis on average salaries of public sector employees in the countries of the region, as well as a proposal for MCPOE’s endorsement.

On the other hand, in relation to the financial performance of Publicly-Owned Enterprises in 2012 based on unaudited financial statements, the Committee has recommended wait for the submission of POE’s audited financial statements, in order to observe whether recommendations given previously were implemented.

Discussions in this meeting encompassed the model-regulation on use of official vehicles in Publicly-Owned Enterprises and model-regulation on official travel in Publicly-Owned Enterprises. In relation to the said model-regulations, it was proposed to distribute them for comments to legal offices of respective Ministries and POEs and to approve them during next week.

It was also underlined that these regulations should be in conformity with similar regulations of the Government of Republic of Kosovo, in order to ensure that their implementation by Publicly-Owned Enterprises will provide for more efficient utilization of public money, while not infringing functionality of Publicly-Owned Enterprises.

Otherwise, due to the sensitivity of the decision related to PTK’s 2013 Business Plan, the review of this matter was postponed for a special meeting, which will also be attended by the PTK Privatization Project Implementation Unit, as well as PTK’s Managing Director and Board of Directors. This should result in a wider review and analysis of the Business Plan, from the privatization process perspective, including views both prior and after PTK’s privatization.