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Prishtina, 28.02.2013 - Minister of Economic Development, Besim Beqaj, said that the Government of Kosovo and the civil society have a common goal; to have a better environment, sustainable development, and a better life for the citizens. But when it comes to specific processes, we must have a reasoned professional communication.

Minister Beqaj made these comments in the International Conference on Sustainable Energy Options in Kosovo, held in Prizren, organized by KOSID, with the participation of various local and international organizations involved in energy.
"Our program ensures a right-wing economic orientation, which in principle requires as less state involvement as possible, and as much private sector involvement in the economy as possible," he said, adding that even Scandinavian countries, where social-democracy is well developed, are looking to reduce the role of the state.

According to him, this is where the energy sector direction originates, which indicates we should have, in addition to many years of state investments, other private investments as well, which will lead to the implementation of the energy strategy approved by the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo, which our institutions have an obligation to implement.

“The energy sector is a key and strategic sector, which makes the lives of our citizens and our economy in a position of “to be or not to be”. We have to choose what is usable and possible so that we function as a state”, said Beqaj.

He said that the Energy Strategy, which had three essential objectives - a strategy which had to focus in the security of power supply and affordable energy for citizens, respecting the environment - is being reviewed. Our legislation was adopted following this line of thought, which is in line with the EU and US legislation.

Economic Minister also said that during the next two months, we will make preparations to review the three basic energy laws, in line with the requirements for the implementation of the third EU legislative package, as it is also a European Commission and ECT Secretariat, and invited the civil society to give its contribution.

Minister Beqaj further talked on energy projects, and stated that the Kosova e Re Power Plant Project is its final phase of developing the required documentation, which will be made available for the prequalified investors. The documents were also submitted for comments to relevant institutions, including World Bank, European Commission, and EBRD.

“If there is a financial sustainability, if there is energy sustainability in the region, we are determined to proceed with the Kosova e Re Power Plant Project, and it will be processed quickly. All prequalified companies are interested to continue in the process, including American-Greek, American-German, and Turkish companies”, he added.

Beqaj said that the new TPP is planned to be constructed with the best available technology, in line with European standards, and will be efficient in terms of reasonable prices in citizens’ invoices. He also announced that by end-March an Invitation to Bid will be published, with the goal of declaring a preferred bidder within this year.

Minister also added that there are also numerous activities on alternative energy.

”Last year we have licensed 21 companies for the construction of 20 MW, we have pre-licensed additional 100 MW in December last year, which are now in the final project drafting phase, and are approved by respective municipalities and regulator”, said Beqaj.

He said MED sent a request for feed-in tariffs to ERO for solar energy and according to estimates the price will be no less than 150 euros per MW. If it reaches 20 MW, by 2020, this will be reflected somewhere around 30 euro invoice for citizens, which the state will subsidize.

On energy efficiency, Beqaj said this is a high priority, and the Government has applied in financial institutions for a fund of over 50 million Euros in the public level, and EBRD will support the private sector in energy efficiency.

Minister Beqaj said that in cooperation with WB and EC, preparations are underway for a donor conference on EE and RES, as well as on the decommissioning of TPP Kosovo A”.

“We are interested to decommission “Kosovo A” as soon as possible, but the campaign against TPP Kosova e Re only extends the lifetime of TPP Kosovo A. At the same time, campaigns against Kosova e Re were inhuman, inaccurate and abusing children in campaigns, which should not have been allowed by international standards”, said Minister Beqaj.

Beqaj also spoke of other projects which relate to the structural energy reforms process. He said that the privatization of distribution is in the final preparatory phase of transferring the company, and the debate on this transaction was unprofessional and tendentious, despite that Kosovo took into account all mistakes made in the region, and in its structure this is the best transaction in the region.