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Prishtina, 05.03.2013 – Government Privatization Committee (GPC) held a meeting to analyse the course of the privatization process, only 10 days prior to the bid submission date for competing companies, and concluded that there is a good competitive climate for the privatization of this important publicly owned company, and expects this climate to continue with the receipt of quality bids on March 14, which is the bid submission date.

In this meeting, GPC approved the recommendations of the transaction and strategic advisors, and the evaluation report on the changes to the consortium composed of Columbia Capital and ACP Axos Capital GMBH.

It was concluded in the meeting that Axos Capital Company meets all legal criteria and is allowed to become Lead Member of the Consortium. Columbia Capital left the consortium, while Najafi Companies joined as a new member of the consortium, with ACP Axos Capital as Lead Member.

GPC concludes that the process has entered into a significant phase and the success of the project will be an important step forward for Kosovo.