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Prishtina, 08.02.2013 – KEK Board of Directors informed the Minister of Economic Development that, taking into account the position of Inter-Governmental Committee on POEs  and reports of inter-institutional committees on the findings of electricity billing for January 2013, in agreement with the KEK Management, a decision was taken to suspend managers of the Prishtina district.

This decision suspends the Billing Manager in KEK Division of Supply, Director of Prishtina District, Manager of Supply in Prishtina, and the Head of Customer Care in the Prishtina District.

Inter-Governmental Committee on POEs has earlier requested the KEK Board of Directors to ensure that Senior KEK Management immediately rectify the situation created and make the necessary corrections in invoices based on the real energy situation consumed.

As previously stated, all citizens who consider that their invoices received do not reflect the factual situation of energy consumed are encouraged to file a complaint in KEK, and all citizens who have not filed complaints are requested to pay their electricity bills.

We have to reiterate that the January invoices are not inflated as a result of an increase of electricity tariffs.

Ministry of Economic Development will closely monitor the implementation by KEK Board of Directors of measures set forth by the Inter-Governmental Committee on POEs as shareholder, and will require full adherence therewith.