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Prishtina, 11.03.2013 – World Bank has reiterated its strong support for energy projects in Kosovo. This was stated in the meeting between the Minister of Economic Development, Besim Beqaj, and the World Bank Director for Western Balkans, Ellen Goldstein.

Minister Beqaj said he discussed with the WB Director on extending the cooperation in energy and other areas outlined in the World Bank Strategy for Cooperation with Kosovo.

“As you know, for the first time we have a Strategy, which is in an important implementation phase, and the World Bank has strongly support our projects”, he stated.

Beqaj said he informed the World Bank on recent energy developments and the privatization of Distribution, a process which was implemented pursuant to World Bank rules, with IFC as Transaction Advisor, ensuring the legality of the transaction and adherence of international standards thereof.

“I also informed them on our activities towards the publication of Invitation to Bid, which will in the end of the month, allowing us to move forward with common procedures for the construction of TPP Kosova e Re”, said the Minister.

Minister of Economy said that transaction advisors met with the internationally renowned companies such as PPC – Cithe Global, Park Holdings and Countour Global, which is in consultation with a German mining company, and received written confirmation on their intent to participate in the project.

World Bank Director for Western Balkans, Ellen Goldstein, said that the WB support in the energy sector will continue and she first visited TPP Kosovo A, where she had the pleasure of seeing how the Government is addressing environmental issues.

“I also saw how the installation of air precipitators began to improve the air quality for Kosovo citizens. I also saw how concrete WB support in the monitoring of installations of such precipitators is being implemented. We also saw the WB funded project on the reclamation of the ash landfill, adjacent to power plants”, said Goldstein.

She said that later during the month we will negotiate with the Government of Kosovo, in the scope of this ash landfill reclamation project, on additional measures to ensure that all standards are met before we move to the next project.

“Allow me to reiterate that the World Bank supports Kosovo on the new (Kosova e RE) project, which is very important particularly to ensure security of supply through a clean technology, in line with global standards”, said Goldstein.

According to her, in addition to this very important energy-generation project, WB, in its Energy Strategy, will also address two other important issues; energy efficiency and development of renewable energy sources.

“The next project is related to the new power plant project, and involves water. Its aim is to secure clean and sufficient water for the Central Kosovo citizens, as the pipeline currently loses 50% of the water”, added Goldstein.

WB Director said that energy efficiency and the water project, with the key power plant construction project, are the key areas of support for Kosovo.

“These will be presented or discussed in the Donor Conference on Sustainable Energy, which will be organized by the Government of Kosovo, co-financed by WB and EC, which is expected to be held in the middle of May”, she stated.