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Prishtina, 13.03.2013 – PTK Government Privatization Committee took a decision today to postpone the bid submission date for the privatization of 75% of PTK shares for one week.

This postponement comes as a result of the request of investors for the completion of their documentation, taking into account the large volume of required documents for such a complex privatization process, and due to technical clarifications issued last week by the contracting authority, after requests of companies participating in the process, related to tender documents.

With this decision the PTK Government Privatization Committee encourages competition, which is decisive for the success of the privatization process, ensures full adherence to all tender documents, and ensures that the privatization process is completed duly, respecting highest transparency standards.

The new bid submission date for PTK privatization is March 21, 2013. This GPC Decision is taken with the recommendation of legal and transaction advisors and the strategic advisor, hired in the PTK privatization process.