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Prishtina, 14 March 2013 – The Government Privatization Committee for PTK and the Ministry of Economic Development, as part of this Committee, have undertaken all necessary legal actions to protect the rights of employees of both fixed and mobile telephony sectors, the latter undergoing the final stage of the privatization of 75% of its shares.

As stipulated in the bidding documents, which can by no means be altered by the winning bidder, the employment relation of all staff currently holding valid non-fixed term employment contracts is guaranteed for a three-year period, whereas the law on labor provisions will be applicable for all other contracts.

Upon expiry of this term, PTK employees will be able to pursue their rights in conformity with the applicable legislation.

GPC, comprising five ministers and local and international observers, has ensured adherence of this process with the laws, and decisions of the Assembly and Government of Republic of Kosovo, while providing full transparency, in accordance with the highest international standards, and remaining maximally engaged to conclude the process by providing the company with conditions for proper development, in order to ensure that it will provide the most qualitative possible services to citizens of the Republic of Kosovo.