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Prishtina, 08 March 2013 – The Ministerial Committee on Publicly-Owned Enterprises (MCPOE), acting on behalf of the shareholder of the Kosovo Energy Corporation (KEK), requested from KEK’s Board of Directors to dismiss the Managing Director of KEK J.S.C., in conformity with its responsibilities according to applicable legislation.

In its extraordinary meeting held today, MCPOE reviewed the current situation related to consumers’ complaints regarding January 2013 invoices, and based on the report of the Energy Regulatory Office (ERO) on consumer dissatisfaction with electricity bills for this month, which depicts numerous omissions, requested from KEK’s Board of Directors to take adequate measures against its Managing Director.

“ERO Board opines that KEK should have better managed the situation created by the incorrect reading of electric meters, as proven by consumer complaints and reflected in increased consumer dissatisfaction,” says the said ERO report.

“KEK has erred in reading consumers’ meters, since in certain analyzed appeals related to the meter reading and billing of tariff consumers, it failed to read (bill) consumers on the same day of the month as in the previous months. In all analyzed cases, this had a negative impact on the electricity invoice, as the transfer of used energy from December to January resulted in: decreased invoices for December 2012; increased invoiced for January 2013, and transfer of losses from January 2013 to December 2012,” states the report.

ERO also requested from KEK to act in conformity with applicable rules and procedures in the future, in order to avoid such omissions.

The Committee further assessed that the shareholder, in conformity with its legal and institutional competencies, has undertaken concrete actions aimed at avoiding any further expansion of dissatisfaction among citizens, respectively consumers of the Kosovo Energy Corporation, however, based on factual and legal evidence presented, the Board of Directors did not fulfill the shareholder’s request.

In this context, it was assessed that the irresponsible action of Kosovo Energy Corporation unreasonably influenced the creation of a deep lack of trust among citizens regarding the services provided by the said publicly-owned enterprise.